New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference 2004

8th-10th December 2004, Wellington

Hosted by Victoria Management School, Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington invites researchers, policy makers, industry representatives and educators to the biannual New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference. This event offers delegates the opportunity to debate and experience tourism in New Zealand’s administrative and cultural capital.

The conference will focus on advances in tourism and hospitality research and the value and applicability of research to industry, policymakers, educators and the wider community.

For further information about the conference, please contact Dr Christian Schott:
Ph: +64 (0)4 463 5719, Fax: +64 (0)4 463 5180.

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  1. Lastima!
    This is the same time as the International Adaptive Environments Congress in Rio. ( ) Some of us are hoping travel will be of dicsussion there too.
    See Click on the section dealing with senior travel.